Welshpool Road

This is the Main turn off from the A490 from Welshpool

This is the junction from the A490 from Welshpool

Click to Go straight on to Groes

The road twists round

Its Lambing Time

Continuing on our way

Continuing on our way

Entrance to Derwen House

Derwen House

View to West

Entrance to Derwen Garden Centre

Enter Derwen Garden Centre

Getting close to Guilsfield

Looking West from Road

Entering Guilsfield

Junction with Lower Trelydan Lane

Enter Lower Trelydan Lane

Approaching Oldcastle Avenue

Junction with Oldcastle Avenue and Aubet Drive

Turn Right for Oldcastle Avenue

Right then Left for Aubet Drive

Daffodils Along the Road

Daffodils Along the Road

The road narrows for School Zone

The road narrows for School Zone

View of The Football Ground from Welshpool Road

Junction with Raylaw Avenue and Aubet Drive

Enter Raylaw Avenue

Enter Aubet Drive

View of The Football Ground notice Board/center>

Crocuses In School Grounds

View of Breidden Hills from The Football

School from the Field

Junction of Smithy Meadow and Fairview Avenue

Turn Right for Smithy Meadow

Turn Left for Fairview Drive

Main Junction in Middle of Village

Straight on for Arddleen Road

Turn Left for Park Road

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